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My Dream G.Baby Top 10 Creative Concepts

Ok It was craaazy hard narrowing the entries down to a top 10. If yours was not chosen please do not feel discouraged. Like I said, every single entry I received was very special. I appreciate with all my heart, the time and effort that everyone has put into this. I chose the 10 that struck some kind of chord with me, be it emotional or artistic. I have different reasons for choosing each one.

tomorrow Tuesday the18th:

I’ll select the three finalists that will go on to the voting round. I will also be creating my own mood board and description to work in conjunction with each of the final three concepts. That way you can see how they inspired me, and what my ideas for each corresponding project would be if they are chosen as the winner.

Once the three finalists have been selected, I’ll give specific details on where to vote.

until then, here are your top 10 in no particular order..... xoxoxox

"The Royal Nestmaker"

By:   my_soul_hole

Chasing her true love through the forest after a petty argument, Paloma tripped on a tree root and knocked down a nest belonging to the Dove Queen. When the Queen saw her single, perfect blue egg was smashed, she became enraged, imprisoning Paloma in a bird cage high in the forest canopy. Paloma is sentenced by the Dove Queen to weave nests for the royal household until her debt is repaid. She works diligently, creating nests of gold and pearls, all the while dreaming that her love will find her, and wondering if this nest will be her last.

With each passing day, Paloma has begun to resemble the doves that are both her captors and muses. Her colour palette is cream and dove grey. Her exquisitely soft cream alpaca hair, cut with wispy bangs, has ombre streaks of grey. Feathers, ivy leaves and pearls can be seen caught in her hair. Her eyes are all variants of grey: pale, medium and charcoal, with the exception of her sideways glance, which shows red eyes, like a dove. Her makeup is smoky grey and her lids are dappled grey pearl. Her eyelashes are fine and sparse. Her lips are childlike and sweet, stained pink by forest berries. Her blushy pink cheeks show that she still has youth and hope.

She is dressed in a deshabille cream lace dress, torn and mended, with dove grey arm warmers and stockings. On her feet are little ankle boots. Around her shoulders is a capelet made of fluffy white feathers. In her hair is a small nest headpiece that she created for her own adornment.
Can GBaby rescue the Royal Nestmaker from the Dove Queen? True love depends upon it!

"Harajuku X Versace"

By:   angbanana

This Blythe is a color explosion! She combines the kawaii cuteness of harajuku fashion with the crazy prints and colors of versace. She expresses herself through her appearance, taking care to create unique looks no matter where she's going. Her hair is riotous rainbow cut and styled like the harajuku girl on the bottom right, and her makeup is just as vivid. She's not afraid to experiment with colors and punky placement when it comes to cosmetics, so why should her lips be pink when they could be bright orange or turquoise instead? Conservative is a dirty word! She likes to mix prints and colors and patterns and doesn't care if they're not "matchy" and there can never be too many accessories! Her fashion idols are Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Jem and the holograms, Nicki Minaj, and Hello Kitty. She loves everything over the top, with glitter and sprinkles and all the shinies she can get! Her eyes are rainbow sprinkles, bright glass green, gold and manga style enlarged pupil.


By:   principesquito

Mildred always loved going to school. She enjoyed learning new things and playing with her mates. In addition, Mildred always had dreamed of becoming a teacher in order to help all the children in her village so they could achieve a better future. Unfortunately, the day the old school burned, she could not escape from that burning beam on fire that fell from the ceiling… But please do not feel sad for Mildred. Now she lives forever in her beloved school and she is extremely happy because she can attend her lessons every day. Her mates treat her as an equal, so she keeps making new good friends and she enjoys playtime as much as anyone.

Since she passed away, Mildred’s appearance has changed a little. Her skin, that had always been white as snow, is now even paler and dark circles frame her sad but sweet gaze. When she is really concentrated at studing, some people say her eyes turn whitish, almost transparent. Her mouth, always compared to a cherry in the middle of her face, has become pinker and less shiny since her heart is no longer beating. In her long hair, once shiny black with purple reflections, now you can notice several gray and lilac hairs that she still carries with grace in two long braids.

Her old school uniform looks a little worn nowadays and has lost its shine during all this years, and the squares in it look now more gray than black. Her old leather schoolbag is always full of books and pencils and there is always room for an apple for her teacher (although a little naughty worm is now living inside that fruit!) So here she is, my dream Blythe custom, Mildred, the ghost girl from the old school in my village. Wouldn’t you love to take her home and help her with her homework?

"Onna Bugeisha"

By:   tczhimura

  • It is the year 1868, the Meiji period in Japan. Nakano Takeko is 21 years old and is a member of the Aizu clan, trained since childhood the way of the Samurai. Now, Takeko is getting ready to lead a troop of all women Samurai against the Imperial Army during the Boshin war. As she prepares herself for war, she remembers that Samurai means "to serve". When ready, the beautiful warrior leads her "Women Army" to fight the Imperial Army. Her younger sister is fighting alongside her. During the attack,Takeko kills six soldiers, but unfortunately she gets shot in the chest. She knows the enemy will want her head as a trophy. So, as she is dying, she requests her sister Yuko to dismember her head. Yuko severed Takeko's head and has it buried at the Hokai-ji temple. Still to this day, people visit her grave at the temple, where there is a statue of her holding her weapon of choice the Naginata. In history, she will always be known as the real last Samurai. "Onna"=women and "Bugeisha"=warrior. Throughout Japanese history there have been some prominent Samurai female warriors such as Takeko. My doll is an inspiration of these women. Her name is Hitomi (pupil of eye), given to girls with beautiful eyes. She is Japanese, her black hair will be loose, long, straight. She will pull back the front part of her hair like in the right photo. Eyes-color eyechips of black, red, blue and shimmer gold. Body-Azone with a tattoo of a dragon with cherry blossoms. Emotion-she will be cool and fearless. Ready to kick butt ;) Make-up-white skin, bright red full lips, long eyelashes and black slanted eyebrows. She is going to wear black eye liner and red shadows on the eyes and face. Just like in the photo on the right. Eyelids-red with a Sakura design. Clothing-I would love a Samurai armor with helmet in red with black and gold accents. She is also going to wear a shitagi (light pink shirt) and for pants a blue Hakama underneath the armor. Including tabi white socks and black boots. Weapons-Naginata, katana or bow and arrow (one of these weapons). Overall, I want her to be fearless and beautiful at the same time.

"Modern Day Medusa"

By:   hello.dollies

she's a little modern medusa. ive always loved Greek mythology and medusa has always been a figure that stood out to me. She was a fighter, even when things couldn't seem to be any worse, and I admire that greatly. She would be spunky and fiery and powerful even if she didn't quite know it yet. She's used to being alone, but given the chance she's very loyal and caring.

My vision for this new age medusa is a girl with a little bit of punky flair. I wanted her fashion to be very 90s grunge because that decade holds a special place in my heart, and let's face it knee high socks and combat boots are to die for.I wanted her to have teal hair like the bottom left picture, and it took me forever to figure out the easiest way to portray snakes in her hair (since that's kind of her main feature) and I figured that random braids around floral wire or something would probably work the best? I'm not really sure about that part. I can't decide if she would look better tanned or pale, I'm very torn on that part. I do love the idea of her fingers dipped in black though as it could represent her stone powers too.

She would wear a somber expression, not quite sad, but somewhat tired. Her lips would be full and in a very slight pout. Right above her lips would be a little medusa piercing, And since her eyes are a big part of her character, I tried to incorporate her story into my vision for her eye chips as well. Her first set would be snake eyes. Maybe orange or purple to compliment her hair. The next pair would be milky white like a snakes become when it is about to shed is skin. The third pair would have giant pupils with a thin line of teal around the edge to compliment the hair again. And the last pair would be a deep, dark gray with a subtle stone texture, a nod to her powers of turning people to stone. Her eyelids would have a snakeskin pattern on them with a little dark, smoky coloration towards the crease of her lids.

"a Wish"


She is known to us all and first comes to us in childhood when we learn about wishing on shooting stars, dandelions and birthday candles. She brings anticipation, excitement and hope. As we mature we realise there is another side to her, as not all wishes can or do come true. We find she is also there in times of yearning, regret and anger. Because of this her expression is neither smiling nor sad, but somewhere between.
She is not of this world and is an ethereal entity. We never really 'see' her but feel her presence. At first glance she may seem subtle or pale but a closer look shows she is a spectrum of shimmering and sparkling colours. All of her is iridescent and she glows. Her eye colours represent her complexity, with two pairs being alive with bright, illuminous colours and two pairs more cool and muted. Her hair is long and willowy and her clothing is sheer and sparkles. For me, she will always represent hope and for that, she is the most beautiful light.

"Scarlett Lake"

By:   blytheblythebaby

Once upon a time, a beautiful girl named Scarlett Lake was born to an aristocratic family. However, she had a condition that caused her hair to go grey from a very young age. Being rich and beautiful, people always thought she had a fabulous life but the truth is, her childhood was unhappy as the other children often made fun of her light grey hair. To hide from them, she would cover herself in layers of black from head to toe.
The sad thing was, she loved fashion and all its colors and prints. One day she decided she's had enough; enough of black, enough with the people who laughed at her. She will fully embrace her light grey hair and all the beauty of fashion! Her favorite decade was the Forties; her favorite designer, Christian Dior. So she dressed herself in his signature silhouette of nipped waists and long skirts. She had a beautiful way with colors; her jacket was baby blue tweed, her skirt was red gingham. A yellow polka dot handkerchief was tied around her neck, going delightfully with her striped orange stockings. To top it all off, she put on leather gloves, a hat, and round white sunglasses. All the years spent indoors hiding from the mean kids meant her skin was pale and translucent. Now, she accentuates this with copper eyeshadow, glittery lids and thick, fluttery lashes. Her sensual pout was painted a matte dark pink and depending on the light, her eyes were lilac, turquoise, light grey and a deep, rich red.


by:   rcdoll10

My idea is about the tiny dwarf living in my house. Well, she enojys being alone and not sociable, and I have glanced on her a few times when she was getting my blueberry and stawberry in the kitchen. She moves periodically, and be a backpacker anytime she wants. She has long curly hair, long brown eyelash, dimples on her face when she simles and with blue scarf tying her hair on both left and right sides. That's my old scarf. In fact, she makes her own clothes with my old stuff. She has every cloth that a 18-year-old girl would have, even bikini. She observes me and learns how to dress up. She dyes hair into pink after I did it before. She is a helper too, watering my plant, feeding my cat sometimes when I go to work hurriedly in the morning. I guess she often plays with the cat in the garden and climbs the tree to see view. She can sit on it to watch TV together. also having whole kernel corn as lunch.. maybe that's the reason why I always can't find it for salad... Only thing I hate about her is she always takes only ONE sock away so I can't pair them up. She loves sleeping in the sock, it looks like a customized sleeping bag for her. She has brown hair. Her eyes color is ocean blue, woody brown, shining red and all dark black. Her Birthmark, shaped like sunflower, is black in color and on her upper arm. She tied a tiny knife make with kids scissors on her leg, has a big brown bag on her back, to carry (my) food, useful things, like needle and line.

Hopefully one day we can meet and have a little talk, and I promise I will take great care of her.

"Inka Egyptian Goddess"

by:   missemmablythe

Inka is an Egyptian Goddess, secret daughter of Bastest (Egyptian Goddess of Cats) and grand daughter of Ra, The Sun God and Nut, Goddess of the Sky. This immortal beloved was whisked away out of Egypt as an infant before her powers could be discovered by the cruel and evil Pharaoh Khufu. He was a cold and heartless ruler that brought darkness and suffering on the Egyptian people. He would have forced Inka to use her powers for evil. Inka's name means heavenly, of the sky. It is from the stars that she draws her powers. She is a mind reader and can control the thoughts and feelings of animals and people alike. She is also a powerful natural healer.

She is devastatingly beautiful with golden, tanned skin and glossy, straight black hair that gleams in the moonlight. Her cat shaped eyes shine in the night, and hold the wisdom of her long days here on Earth. She has black cat eye make up and of course green metallic cat eyes, turquoise like the color of the nile, gold like the Egyptian sands and black and silver eyes that shine like the stars and reflect her Egyptian heritage. Her beautiful lips are full and red. Her youth was frozen in time when she reached age eighteen, so her face has a soft, pretty youthful sweetness to it. She has returned to Egypt and has ended the reign of the cruel and heartless Pharaoh Khufu and has restored peace and prosperity to the Egyptian people.

She dresses in beautiful traditional Egyptian clothing made of soft, draping, light as air fabrics in gold, white, turquoise and red. Her clothing is adorned with the gold and jewels of her royal ancestry. Her ornate jewelry was handcrafted by the masters in the art. Gleaming gold necklaces, armbands and bracelets. She has two traditional tattoos depicting the Egyptian symbols for star and cat. She wears a pair of black cat ears to honor her connection to her Mother (Bastest, Cat Goddess). She is never seen without her beloved and faithful companion Mui, a black Sphynx cat.

She lives a peaceful life now, dedicated to protecting women, children and animals. She works as a natural healer and Guardian of joy.

"Junko Mizuno Inspired"

By: bat_faced

I would want her to be a creepy- cute little thing with a fantasy hair color. I especially like the nurse girls with the giant syringe. I'd like her to have the flowers "freckles" and cute skulls somewhere on her. Her eyes would most likely be a solid color with no pupil. But I'd love to have the eyes gbaby is known for as well. And maybe little fangs. I'm a sucker for fangs on a doll.