"My Dream G.Baby GiveawaY"

Prize: Complete customized Blythe, value of $1,250

Imagine your dream custom Blythe. If you could have me customize a doll for you what would you ask for? I want you to think about this girl. Is she a replica of you, or someone you know, a celebrity? Is she an existing character, or one you created in your head? Who is she, what is she? Maybe she's a he, an animal, a ghost? I don’t know, you tell me. I want to know her story. One winner will be selected to have their dream g.baby doll created!


  • STEP 1. Follow gbabydolls on InstaGram if you haven’t already
  • STEP 2. Think about your dream G.Baby and Create a visual aid to show your concept. You can post a photo, make a collage or mosaic, drawing, digital image, whatever you want as long as it conveys your idea to me. try to give me as much information about the look and story of this doll as possible. Your image does not need to include a doll, I just want to know your concept. Also please keep in mind that you might have the same or similar idea as someone else which is why its important to explain yours in the best way, and create a nice visual.
  • STEP 3. Post your concept on Instagram, and explain it in the caption. to reiterate, please try to be detailed in your description. What color hair, what color eyes, what will she be wearing, happy/sad/pissed off? the more I understand about your doll, the better I can envision it and the more it will stand out.
  • STEP 4. Hashtag the photo #MYDREAMGBABY .....Please double and triple check to make sure you spell the hashtag correctly. Otherwise I won’t see your entry.


  • 1 entry per person
  • Please note, the following concepts are ineligible because I am already in the process of making these:
  1. Sailor Moon and friends
  2. Luanna90 fashion bloggeR
  3. akiza france / inspired
  4. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn
  5. Rihanna
  6. TIFA final fantasy


  • The contest will run for 2 weeks. The deadline for new entries is AUG 17TH @ 12am California PST. CHECK the pst clock here
  • I am accepting entries via InstaGram only.
  • If you have a private IG account and i am not following you, I will not be able to see your entry. You will have to take a screenshot of your post and email it to me directly at gbabydolls@yahoo.com
  • Once your entry has been received I will leave a comment or reply to confirm I’ve seen it, and will document your name. If I don’t leave a comment or reply to you, it means I have not seen your entry and you should contact me.
  • I am covering all cost of materials and shipping within a budget of $250 USD. This includes the stock doll and whatever accessories we can afford within this budget to make your dream gbaby a reality! The winner is more than welcome to provide their own doll if desired so that we may have additional funds for accessories, but it is not required. 

selecting a winner:

finalists will be selected in 3 stageS:

  • 1st- Monday Aug 17th: i'll be narrowing the entries down to my top 10 favorite concepts and will showcase them here on the site.
  • 2nd- Tuesday Aug 18th: From those top 10, 3 finalists will be selected and photos will be posted onto my instagram feed @gbabydolls
  • 3rd- you guys get to vote for the winner! Details on how to vote will be provided once the 3 finalists have been selected.
  • voting will close on friday aug 21st at 12pm california pst, and the winner will be announced.


If you have any questions at all please email me gbabydolls@yahoo.com

I look forward to see what you guys come up with!

LOVE, xoxo, G