My dream 2019 final 3

here are the final 3 concepts. below you’ll find mood boards for each entry that i have put together to show my OWN inspiration, along with a description of ideas FOR THE CUSTOM WORK. please select your favorite and make sure to enter your vote on my Instagram post labeled ***VOTE HERE*** / as a reminder, voting starts today sunday Feb 3 and will close on wednesday feb 6 at 12pm california pst. the winner will be announced both here on the site as well as ig.

huge congrats to all the finalists, top 10 as well as top 3! you all are amazing storytellers!! it was sooo difficult to choose. i love each entry for different reasons and everyone deserves to have their girls brought to life, even if not customized by me. maybe we will get to see more of them created than just this one. but for now, good luck to our top 3 and let the voting begin!

Note to the final 3:

if you see your concept here with some details SLIGHTLY CHANGED, SHOWN or described in a way that isn’t cohesive with your original PLAN dont worry! i will be working together with the winner to make sure that their doll stays true to the concept, WHILE PUTTING MY OWN CREATIVITY INTO IT AS WELL. some details need to be improvised since i have to create these looks within a budget and find artists to help make the outfits. THESE ARE JUST initial ideas and IMAGES I GATHERED TO HELP ME ENVISION YOUR GIRLS AND LAY EVERYTHING OUT.

living statue - by l_f_silverlining


Custom Details


  • I’d like to try and do an all over or partial stone colored paint job that will cover the head and body.

  • possible texturing to the face to make it stone-like

  • some minor cracking deatils

  • kintsugi gold detailing

  • if there is any coloring added, colors will be (maybe) pinks and deep greys for shading


  • cement

  • no pupil silver glass

  • possibly a flower petal inspired pair


  • alpaca reroot - either cement colored or cement with deep pastel highlights so its not completely monochromatic


  • flowy, ethereal, grey, wrapping or draping


  • floral or vine crown

  • azone pure neemo small body

The Entomologist - by numi_una


Custom details


  • colors i’d be using are teals, smokey greys, gold accent, metallic pigments

  • either peachy blushing keep it cool toned with silver shimmer and grey/teals

  • teal/dark eye brows

  • dark lips either teal or black shimmer


  • one pair black and gold like monarch butterfly

  • one teal with gold accents


  • alpaca reroot - grey roots with mint green below. possibly use more than one shade of greys and mints to add depth


  • idea 1 - long gown in black with teal or mint. tulle could be used. dress can be embellished with butterfly detailing etc

  • idea 2 - embellished corset


  • embellished twig crown or butterfly crown

  • azone pure neemo small body

dakota rose - by unholy_lemon


custom details


  • red eye shadow above and below the eye for dramatic look, possibly glossy red eye lids with red speckle (double red, and textured)

  • rosy cheeks / rosy lips with red staining

  • white fangs carved into mouth

  • blonde eye brows to match the hair / possibly intense shaped eye brows for more serious expression


  • blood red / bloodshot

  • no pupil glass silver


  • honey blonde alpaca reroot / possible multiple shades of blonde for dimension

  • black ribbons in hair


  • lolita inspired, either a dress with a coat or pants set with vest and long sleeve shirt

  • possibly a leather harness

  • red choker


  • maybe a rose crown if needed

  • azone pure neemo small body