"My Dream G.Baby … 10th anniversary giveaway"

Prize: Custom Blythe Doll of your dreams!

Imagine your dream custom Blythe. If you could have me customize a doll for you what would you ask for? think about this doll and create an original concept. I want to know her story. whats her name, Who is she, what is she, Maybe she's a he, an animal, a ghost? What color hair, what color eyes, what kind of clothing, happy/sad/bitchy? the more I understand about your doll the better I can envision it and the more it will stand out to me. only one winner will be selected to have their dream doll brought to life.. Make me fall in love with yours!


STEP 1. Follow gbabydolls on InstaGram if you haven’t already

STEP 2. Create your dream

  • Think about your doll and Create a visual aid to show your concept. You can post a photo, make a collage or mosaic, drawing/painting, digital image, makeup or dress up yourself, whatever you want as long as it conveys your idea to me. get creative with it!

  • The concept must be your own original unique character. you may design a doll that is inspired by an existing person/character as long as it is different and unique enough. This is a new rule, since last time I had several entries for dolls based on the same people/characters and I ended up not selecting any of them as finalists because they were not unique.

  • Your image ENTRY does not need to include a doll. Also please keep in mind that you might have the same or similar idea as someone else which is why its important to explain yours in the best most detailed way, and create a nice visual so it stands out.

STEP 3. Post your concept on Instagram, and explain it in the caption

  • to reiterate, please try to be detailed in your description.

STEP 4. Hashtag the photo #MYDREAMGBABY2019

  • Please double and triple check to make sure you spell the hashtag correctly. Otherwise I won’t see your entry.

  • This is a new hashtag from the first My Dream Gbaby contest that I ran in 2015! please make sure you are using the new one.


  • 1 entry per person

  • must be your own unique idea


  • The contest will run for 2 weeks, beginning on jan 18th. The deadline for new entries is feb 1st @ 12am California PST. CHECK the pst clock here to enter in time

  • I am accepting entries via InstaGram only.

  • If you have a private IG account and i am not following you, I will not be able to see your entry. You will have to take a screenshot of your post and dm me on ig or email me directly at

  • Once your entry has been received I will leave a comment on your post or reply to you to confirm I’ve seen it, and I will document your name. If I don’t leave a comment or reply to you it means I have not seen your entry and you should contact me.

  • I am covering all cost of materials and shipping within a budget of $500 USD. This includes the stock doll and whatever accessories are purchased or donated to me in order to make your dream a reality! The winner is more than welcome to provide their own doll if desired, but it is not required.

  • please be aware, timeframe to complete the doll may take several months depending on what accessories and parts need to be ordered.

selecting a winner:

finalists will be selected in 3 stageS:

  • 1 - friday feb 1st : deadline for entries. i will be narrowing down to my top 10 favorite concepts

  • 2 - saturday feb 2nd : i will showcase the top 10 here on the site and make an announcement on ig as well.

  • 3 - sunday feb 3rd : From those top 10, 3 finalists will be selected. I will create my own visual aid for each concept to show how i am inspired by each one and will post it on the website as well as on my IG feed @gbabydolls

  • you guys get to vote for the winner directly on ig! Details on how to vote will be provided once the 3 finalists have been selected.

  • voting will be held for 3 days and close on wednesday feb 6th at 12pm california pst. the winner will be announced on my website as well as on ig.


  • im not looking for a masterpiece (although feel free to enter one lol).. I just want to be inspired by your girl, even if you take a piece of gum and draw a face on it, but her story is cool… then cool


If you have any questions at all please send me a direct message via Instagram (FASTEST) or email me at

start dreaming !! xoxo, G